The Great Ikuru Desert

The vast and sprawling desert that takes up most of the southern Westerlands for recorded human history only one group that has entered the desert has returned, the Westerlands party.

Led to the desert on the trail of missing people from the southern towns the party encountered a number of apparently sentient races making their home in the desert. Forging a haphazard alliance with the insectoid Thri-kreen based around a common goal, the party began their exploration.

In the desert they encountered two more insectile races; a brutish race of scorpion people who attempted to assault the parties camp; and a race of arachnid beings with long worm like heads, who seemed to have a grasp on magic and a distasteful culture based around slavery.

In exploring the central and western desert the party made a number of discoveries. Firstly an impossibly tall rock spire rising from the desert sands, and as well as the primary hive of the Thri-kreen.

On the western edge of the desert, underneath a mountain and through a series of trapped, and hidden tunnels the party found a small town consisting of gnomish peoples, during an investigation into these gnomes the party arranged for them to return to the Consolidated Kingdoms with them.

The desert sported a large amount of dangerous fauna that the party clashed with, among them a large hydra like creature buried in the sand, a monstrous amphibian frog ambushing prey at oases, and a series of malformed and mindless blue dragons. Possibly explaining why previous expeditions had always ended in failure.

The Great Ikuru Desert

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