The capital city, and largest population center of the Dwarven Confederacy Trondheim is the center of operations for each of the 8 clans as well as the 12 guilds.

Here in 515AC, the Trondheim Incident took place leading to the reestablishment of the Dwarven monarchy under King Daerdren “the Chosen”.

The city is made up of 2 sets of concentric rings separated by a river of lava. The outer rings hold most of the population and consist of 7 levels, tiered as such that the most affluent are on the highest rings, against the back wall, near the city gates; and the most poverty stricken struggle on in hovels on the banks of the river, a sulphur smog thick in the air.

A great bridge, joins the inner and outer rings, wide enough for 10 dwarves to walk abreast, joining at the second ring of the outer rings, and the lowest ring of the inner rings.

The inner rings are home purely to the Dwarven aristocracy, almost exclusively of the 8 clans. Here each clan has a district composing of a half of one of the 4 rings, the Palace of Lords adjoined to the back wall of the cavern, atop the highest ring.


Dwarven Clans:

Dragonclaw Clan
Darkhammer Clan
Goldhand Clan
Ironfist Clan
Onyxforge Clan
Redaxe Clan
Steelbrow Clan
Silverbeard Clan


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