The Trondheim Incident

The Trondheim Incident took place in the spring of the year 515, involving many deaths, the end of the rule of guilds, the reestablishment of the Monarchy, and the release of an adult Shadow Dragon.

The beginning of the event coincided with the visit of the Westerlands party to Trondheim, during a feast held in their honour by the 8 clan leaders.

During the festivities a chandelier fell mysteriously, seriously injuring and killing a number of the Dwarven clan aristocracy; this in turn lead to the death of Bhaldur Blackstone, leader of the Onyxforge clan. Bhaldurs death triggered his legacy, the release of the adult Shadow Dragon into the hall of Dwarven lords resulting in the deaths of many more aristocrats, and the full scale evacuation of the inner rings of Trondheim. After a cursory investigation, and the allegations of the kidnapped Sir Nightly Daily the Ironfist clan was blamed for the entire incident. Citing that the chandelier had been an Ironfist machination in a play for power, the other clans, led by Tormin Redaxe dissolved the clan.

After a time of preparation across 2 weeks by both the party and the Dwarven nation, an assault was made to remove the Dragon. Contingents comprised of the elite of each militant guild, as well as the party, Ballor, Daeder, and Fardal Redaxe took part in the assault.

During the fighting, one full contingent of Dwarves were lost, and Fardal was seriously injured with the dragon showing little sign of weakness. This caused him to drop his weapon, the storied sword Sunfall. Lord Wrathsbane II picked up the weapon, and after such the battle began to turn in the heroes favour, culminating in the dragons decapitation at the hands of Wrathsbane and earning the party their victory.

With the Dragon dead, restoration of the inner rings began in haste. The issue regarding the loss of a clan plagued the Dwarven nation though, without all eight clans to keep balance between the guilds anarchy looked likely, and the stability of the guild system was called into question. In an effort to offer the stability the Dwarven people called for, the council of clans voted for the reinstatement of the Monarchy, and a time of kings.

In an effort to prevent leader of the Redaxe Clan, Tormin, from ascending to the throne. The party undertook a quest to retrieve the Axe of Dwarven Lords under the advice of Tormin’s exiled son Fardal. After being provided a starting point for their Underdark Expedition by Fardal, the party set off; after fighting past monstrosities, and battling the “Waterfall Creature” the quest took the party to a long forgotten Dwarven ruin inhabited by a colony of Myconids .

Here they retrieved the Axe from the hands of the last king of the Dwarves, long dead, infested and mad. Upon their return to the city, they broke expectations of the Dwarven Confederacy by electing King Daerdren and pushing for his appointment. King Daerdren “the Chosen” now rules Trondheim.

Notable Deaths:
Magren Goldhand (ex-Leader of the Goldhand Clan)
Bhaldur Blackstone (ex-Leader of the Onyxforge Clan)
Ragdohr Darkhammer (ex-Heir to the Darkhammer Clan)
Thaldus Ironfist (Executed, ex-Leader of the Ironfist Clan)

The Trondheim Incident

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