Panaphos Ronni Minidom Manfiz III

Garish or Gruesome? It's really quite hard to tell.


Panaphos stands about a foot taller than most gnomes at about 4 and a half feet tall. He has a very wiry build and this emphasises his sudden movements and flourishes which all accentuate his rather odd personality.


Panaphos was encountered by the Westerlands party in the gnomish enclave of the western Ikuru.

Panaphos has garnered mistrust or dislike from certain members of the party for the way he acts around others, or for the aura of evil that he exudes. There is very little sign of what Panaphos contributes to the gnomish society other than irritation, which makes it all the more peculiar that he sits in a prominent position of the Ikuru committee.

Panaphos Ronni Minidom Manfiz III

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