The Domina Straits

The Thief and The Knight Presents:

The Rogue of Gold

(Verse 1)
From shadows of Mossbank,
A lonely theif grows.
A hero from famine,
And prevelant throes.
Yet within thy shadows,
Upon Lightfoot toes,
His buried poor heart
In darkness doth glows.

(Verse 2)
One desperate night,
he succumbed to his woes.
To rob a poor nanny,
with a long twitching nose.
But then to his shock,
Pain rained from the skies.
The nanny turned into
A gnome in disguise!

Oh Tribbold! Oh Tribbold!
What adventures you hold!
A hero from zero,
And then double fold.
You saved us in battle,
Humble to behold.
The unending courage:
The Rogue of Gold.

(Verse 3)
The gnome returned later,
To pay him his due.
“Come with me to Gnumys,
and I shall train you.”
At the base of the mountain;
A town in distress.
Tribbled was determined,
To show him his best.

(Verse 4)
A hack, a slash,
A knife in the dark.
The pillaging orcs,
got a knife in their heart.
Orphans in danger,
it all seemed too dire
But Tribbled would save them,
dived into the fire!


(Verse 5)
The rescue of Gnumys,
he found them a home.
But hearts of the lawmen
carved from cold stone.
They accused and charged him,
with an unknown theft.
And cruelly they sentenced
Poor Tribbled with death.

(Verse 6)
Tribbled had known,
yet had not fled.
He hid as a butcher,
and disguised his head
He painted a killer,
to take his place in his pen
To wait for his mentor,
to find him again.


(Verse 7)
United again,
From the city they fled.
With hearts in their hands,
adventures ahead.
Though monsters and spiders
through the woods they would hunt
The Ettercaps would learn to
not attack from the front!

(Verse 8)
Their merriment would end,
at Wrathsbane Estate.
For Tribbled had danced,
too many with fate.
The siege of the orcs
Had turned into a war
but sadly poor Tribbled
was troubled no more

(Chorus 2)
No! Tribbled, No! Tribbled!
What stories you held.
Your journeys through life,
Wrapped us all in your spell.
We shall not forget,
how your tale did unfold.
The courage we carry
From the Rogue of Gold

-Translated into Common from traditional Gnomish wake throat singing.



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