Scabbard Sellgeld

Charge of Minor Theft; one. Charge of Major Theft; Four. I must add how -convinient- it is that we also have 14 reports of.. *eh-hem*, Lost Property. Got anything to say for yourse-... Where in the King's Land did that little bugger go?!

Ability Score Modifier

Armour Class

- 1
+ 4
+ 1
+ 3
+ 1
+ 1

“Aye, his hearts in the right place alright, but his bleaming hands ain’t!”

The stone streets clattered with the sounds of merchants and onlookers. of horses and carts, of children and guards. Merchants would call to the public, Drivers would scream at stubborn mares, and the guards yelling at the bickering children.

These are common sounds, but to a particularly perceptive onlooker, there were sounds that weren’t. Sounds that ‘should be’. The sound of an apple casually falling off a stall perhaps, or of a quick slice of a rich merchant’s purse. These were the non-sounds of a small Gnomish figure, donning blacks and a flat-cap, of which whom approached the children who had themselves conveniently stopped causing a commotion, allowing the guards to get back on duty.

“Here ya go, fellas!” He grinned, taking a bite out of the apple in one hand, and throwing a small weighty coinpurse in the other.

“Should keep ya scamps outta the tips for the next few weeks, Give a good one to Ol’ Auntie Rubi for me, will ya?”

“Aye we will!” They chorused. “You comin’ back tae the Orph’nage for dinna?”

“Nah not tonight, gang, Imma see what the Royal Quarter are throwing out these days!”

“Alrighty then! Thanks Scab! Bye Scab!”

Grins all around, the party dispersed. chasing each other off into the streets, Scab beamed at the sight, and vanished back into the thronging chaos of his beloved city.

A city which he was forced to abandon that very same night.

“Whatcha mean this ain’t ma money! I worked really hard to steal it. Harder than the bugger that earned it in the first place, that is.”

Scabbard Sellgeld

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