Lord Montgomery Wrathsbane II

"I heard there was an orc in the audience with the King today! Did you see it?" "I don't remember seeing an orc. I'll ask Monty if he saw it next time I speak to him."

Ability Score Modifier

Armour Class

+ 5
+ 3
+ 2
+ 0
+ 0
+ 2

The infamous Lord Wrathsbane must have been able to claim some human heritage, or else he would have not been granted his estate as a reward for defending the kingdom from the barbaric hordes to the north. Nonetheless, Lord Wrathsbane Sr. embodied little of the humanity that can come to the surface in his kind, as foul to his staff as he was despised by his noble peers. Perhaps it was for the best that his Lordship’s apathy towards his noble duties was also evident in how he treated his son, and Montgomery was instead raised by his staff and in the best schools on the continent; spared from a dull and demeaning upbringing by his frequently drunken father. There was no sense of loss when Lord Wrathsbane I died, and the role was quickly passed to Montgomery, who has proven to be far more popular in noble circles. Whilst the remoteness of Wrathsbane Hall means that he is still somewhat isolated, Lord Wrathsbane II makes frequent trips to the capital, and as such is well accepted by the rest of the nobility and the king. Some don’t even notice he’s a half-orc any more.

”That’s why I left, I was concerned about how easy it was, what I was capable of.”

Lord Wrathsbane’s orc heritage becomes most apparent in combat, where his speed, ferocity and monstrous strength set him apart from his peers. Despite receiving little formal training, orcish instinct makes him a formidable opponent, and his occasional frenzies can unnerve even his friends. In an effort to control his rage, Lord Wrathsbane has started a more formal programme of training with help from fighters in the King’s army, eschewing his more barbarian instincts.

In his time away from Wrathsbane hall Lord Wrathsbane has gained better control of his killer instinct and has a small body of acts of heroism to his name. His adventures have had a cost however, and with news that the Wrathsbane estate is under attack, Lord Wrathsbane revealed to his companions the true circumstances of his father’s death and his subsequent self-imposed exile. Lord Wrathsbane Sr. had secretly committed atrocities to build up his name as a true servant of this kingdom, doublecrossing both orcs and men to orchestrate a war between them, with Wrathsbane taking the role of a heroic combatant against the orc hordes that he had rallied against the human cities, and so was rewarded with a vacant estate. When he drunkenly confided this to his son, cackling with murderous glee, Lord Wrathsbane II showed no hesitation in killing him. After a time, shocked not by what he had done but with the ease with which he had done it, Lord Wrathsbane II organised that the estate be run without him for some time while he left to learn to control the monster he felt sure lived inside him.

Lord Montgomery Wrathsbane II

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