Lord Montgomery Wrathsbane II

Half Orc Lord from the Westerlands - Diplomat, Champion, and all-round force to be reckoned with.

Ability Score Modifier

Armour Class

+ 5
+ 3
+ 4
+ 0
+ 1
+ 2

The infamous Lord Wrathsbane must have been able to claim some human heritage, or else he would have not been granted his estate as a reward for defending the kingdom from the barbaric hordes to the north. Nonetheless, Lord Wrathsbane Sr. embodied little of the humanity that can come to the surface in his kind, as foul to his staff as he was despised by his noble peers. Perhaps it was for the best that his Lordship’s apathy towards his noble duties was also evident in how he treated his son, and Montgomery was instead raised by his staff and in the best schools on the continent; spared from a dull and demeaning upbringing by his monstrous father. There was no sense of loss when Lord Wrathsbane I died, and the role was quickly passed to Montgomery, who has proven to be far more popular in noble circles. Whilst the remoteness of Wrathsbane Hall means that he is still somewhat isolated, Lord Wrathsbane II made frequent trips to the capital, and as such is well accepted by the rest of the nobility and the king. Some don’t even notice he’s a half-orc any more.

”The Estate will thrive without me, I’m sure, and if it needs defending you can be sure I’ll return. It’s not a bold statement that I looked after it better than my father, but now under watch of the King, I’m sure it’ll thrive as well without my permanent presence as it would with. The kingdom has guarded my Estate, and now, it is my turn to guard the kingdom. This would for some, I’m sure be a sombre duty; perhaps even undertaken reluctantly. But I would be lying If I said I don’t relish the thought of another fierce adventure.” The Estate Journal of Lord Wrathsbane II, currently the final entry.

Lord Wrathsbane is fully committed to the ideals and laws of the Consolidated Kingdom, and holds respect for both Prince Velnan and King Baxtrian; though tending to favour the King’s views where the two are opposed. He serves the kingdom as a bizarre combination of diplomat, champion, and military asset; often following the whim of his small band of fellow adventures. Whilst his outward appearance is decidedly orcish, his everyday manner is that of a Lord of a remote estate; respectful but proud. His orc heritage is most apparent in a fight, where his speed, ferocity and monstrous strength have felled mighty dragons, foul undead horrors, and thuggish assassins. Before his formal training, orcish instinct made him a formidable opponent, and when in a berserk rage his strikes can be as gruesome as they are effective. But rather than rely solely on his instincts, Lord Wrathsbane has become a skilled martial warrior, and it is his blend of honed instinct and practiced precision that make him such a deadly foe.

Lord Montgomery Wrathsbane II

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