The Domina Straits

The Thief and the Knight Presents
Axe Upon Hearth

(Verse One)

I left a desolate ruin
A place I once did call home
But now the rafters house nought but dust
Consoling the cold of cut stone

A king without castle
A noble no title
My birthright of everything wrong
From the sins of my father
Of whom I made martyr
I seek a place to belong


One day I shall rest
At Wrathsbane Estate
And leave my axe upon the hearth

(Verse 2)
The hateful eyes of men
They fear the shade of my kin
I’m forced to perform in this play of class
And hide the mongrel within

An orc with false evil
Or man without truth
My birthright should not be deemed wrong
But here I am torn
Between balance and scorn
Seeking a place to belong


(Verse 3)
This world worries not
Of them who can’t hold their own
So venture forth and sound the horn
I will rebuild my throne

Through battle and conflict
I will be no convict
My birthright is written in song
I will become stronger
So onwards with honour
To found a place to belong

(Chorus 2)

And then I will rest
At Wrathsbane Estate
And leave my axe upon the hearth.

Gnome Notes 5

‘Ave been somewot distracted from me diary as o’ late…

It’s been a ruff few weeks.

Tae sum up.

We left tha’ rock

We ran from tha’ big city cos them big snobs wer’ ungratefull for wot we done.

We bin chased by dem spiders fer miles, chased by assassins for sum egg cult, so I ditched it by the west bank o’ Smudsriver ‘till we find a buyer who isna’ tryin’ tae destroy the worl’.

We ‘saved’ Monty’s home…

We lost Tribbled, and fiftae-eigth men. ‘Am so Ratdroppin tired of wars! Imma low-life thief scrappin’ fer me next meal an’ A’ve been slap bang in tha’ middle of two! I didnae
ask fer this!

And now we’s at Boshrat or wha’ever it’s called, and fer once in a while I can finally rest ma’ head an’ just drink without summin’ try’na jump me.

Except I cannae just relax. I wanna! I have tae! the gentle singing o’ tha’ streets and tha’ rush of air over the hushin’ waves. It’s tha’ perfect holiday.

..‘cept, of course, now that there’s nothing tae distract me, my worrys of me own home are creepin’ back. I worry for me family. Times were hard when I lef’, I fears it’s gotten much worser.

Ah’ll break the news to ma’ mates in tha’ morning. I’m gunna miss these wacko’s, but I need ta head back North while ma fancy clothes are still in a decent state.

But fer tonight, I’mma sing ma’ song and have some drink, and pray that I can get some prop’r rest while I can.

Some prop’r peace an’ quiet like.


We have defeated the orc army. The cost of this was not worth it. all but two of the soldiers have fallen. I missed… so many times. I see those faces and I know that it was my fault that many of them died.
My only comfort is this fire that I control. I can feel it growing stronger after that battle. I can feel myself becoming more like that which I want so much to be. Next time, I’ll be stronger. Next time, the enemy forces shall burn before me as my flames flicker over them. Next time, I shall be ready.

Diederik (Derick) Drakelord

The Thief and The Knight Presents:
The Rogue of Gold

(Verse 1)
From shadows of Mossbank,
A lonely theif grows.
A hero from famine,
And prevelant throes.
Yet within thy shadows,
Upon Lightfoot toes,
His buried poor heart
In darkness doth glows.

(Verse 2)
One desperate night,
he succumbed to his woes.
To rob a poor nanny,
with a long twitching nose.
But then to his shock,
Pain rained from the skies.
The nanny turned into
A gnome in disguise!

Oh Tribbold! Oh Tribbold!
What adventures you hold!
A hero from zero,
And then double fold.
You saved us in battle,
Humble to behold.
The unending courage:
The Rogue of Gold.

(Verse 3)
The gnome returned later,
To pay him his due.
“Come with me to Gnumys,
and I shall train you.”
At the base of the mountain;
A town in distress.
Tribbled was determined,
To show him his best.

(Verse 4)
A hack, a slash,
A knife in the dark.
The pillaging orcs,
got a knife in their heart.
Orphans in danger,
it all seemed too dire
But Tribbled would save them,
dived into the fire!


(Verse 5)
The rescue of Gnumys,
he found them a home.
But hearts of the lawmen
carved from cold stone.
They accused and charged him,
with an unknown theft.
And cruelly they sentenced
Poor Tribbled with death.

(Verse 6)
Tribbled had known,
yet had not fled.
He hid as a butcher,
and disguised his head
He painted a killer,
to take his place in his pen
To wait for his mentor,
to find him again.


(Verse 7)
United again,
From the city they fled.
With hearts in their hands,
adventures ahead.
Though monsters and spiders
through the woods they would hunt
The Ettercaps would learn to
not attack from the front!

(Verse 8)
Their merriment would end,
at Wrathsbane Estate.
For Tribbled had danced,
too many with fate.
The siege of the orcs
Had turned into a war
but sadly poor Tribbled
was troubled no more

(Chorus 2)
No! Tribbled, No! Tribbled!
What stories you held.
Your journeys through life,
Wrapped us all in your spell.
We shall not forget,
how your tale did unfold.
The courage we carry
From the Rogue of Gold

-Translated into Common from traditional Gnomish wake throat singing.


The battles have become tougher throughout the last week. It was only so long before one of us fell, and today it was almost five. Poor Tribbold, who fought valiantly against many more enemies before falling, and never got up again. We are all feeling the loss, and I realise that we may not be able to hold this estate, as there are four more camps, one the same size as this one and one even bigger. This is not a fight we can win with our current strength.
Diederik (Derick) Drakelord

Research notes 2
fuckin spiders

Ok that explains so much about why I got so engrossed in my research. The magical property of this amulet flickers in and out of existence extremely rapidly, so rapidly in fact that it looks like it’s one continuous stream of magic. If only I had some way of determining the full effects of these items rather than just making wild guesses…



Diederik (Derick) Drakelord discovers that he has the spell “detect magic”

Research notes

So this amulet looks like it could -

Well it seems that I was so engrossed in my research that I completely failed to notice one of the most insane things to happen with this party. First thing I noticed was that the camp was in chaos because the horses had been let out. Kal walks away and I return to my research. Next thing I know we are leaving in a hurry. I get to the outskirts of camp just in time to see the racist lord running after his own horse, being ridden by Sir Nightly Daily and Scab… riding? Is that the right word? A horseless cart off into the distance at high speed. I worry about his health but knowing him he’s likely to just walk it off and come up with something even stupider to do.

Ah well back to the research. I wonder if it…
Diederik (Derick) Drakelord

Gnome Notes 4
Gnumys: Buried History and it's Eventful Comeuppance

“Oh look, traps. Or is it a singular trap if it’s all together”

‘Trapped stairs, arrow traps, flame traps, spiked pit traps, all in one room. That really should’ve been a more pressing sign than we took it for.

Nevertheless, we proceeded into a castle of sorts, throne room and all! With a complimentary magical talking sword. Shame it’s got a sharp tongue.

Oh, and trapped statues! We saw those in the treasure vault! So much treasure, I might be able to complete my quest early! Once we divvy up the gold and magical items (some of which I’m told to be trapped), I can head home and finish my business…

We also learned that not only was this castle huge, so where the spider tunnels surrounding it.

Filled with spidermen.

We just made it out with our treasure, and thanks to Lord Wrathsbane and Kal, all of the Scholars were saved to, as per the mission. All that was left to do was sneak past back the orcs and the grell, and we’re home free.

I continue to wonder where the trap ends. The room, the castle, or the mountain.

- Scabbon Sellgeld’

“Argh pigscum, got ink on ma hand. Talkin’ like a Scholarfolk is getting right tough. A’m runnin’ outta long words. Gotta keep at it though, Gotta keep learnin’ from ol’ Monty too, make sure I can speak all proper-like…
Oi, you! Cleverbooks! This look like fancy writing to you?”


I hate spiders

I’m fine with spiders, really. small spiders help keep mosquitoes and other bitey things down. What I’m not fine with is godamn spider men and giant spiders chasing us down a corridor while we frantically evacuate everybody. This has to be what, the third time we’ve had to flee from a ridiculous number of enemies. What were those things even eating down there for so long? In fact, never mind, I don’t want to know. I’m half tempted to lead the bloody grell down there and watch them fight it out, but then we’d have to let them out again, and for now at least they can just stay sealed there.
Sidenote: I need to find some way of throwing more powerful fireballs, and should probably be more careful about what’s around me when I throw them. Next time we may not be so lucky.

Diederik (Derick) Drakelord

Gnome Notes 3
Gnumys: Into The Under

“You damn dirty orc! Ya blew it up!”

The destruction of the portal shook Scab hard.

“We were so close! We saw that blummin’ thievin’ blue Bigun, an’a them gems woulda been close too! If it weren’t for tha’ stinkin’ rogue, he broke like the one rule of The Cant; Dinnae get caught!
Also that darks gettin’ out…”

The grell emerged upon the Kings Men, despite Monty’s shouting at Ireman. Eventually the retreat was called to out the cave.

“Hey Monty, I reckon we look round the southside o’ Gnumys for an entrance.”
“Well I’ve volunteered us to rescue to scholars.”

They’d barricaded themselves deep beneath the mountain, studying the ‘Fay’ door.

“Ya see, tha’ long line on the flat one is like a location on the land, means ‘home’ and tha’ big crossed lines one mean ‘warnin’ as its made from the name if the demon Sheenok, bu’ the dots up there and down there are all grammatycal an’ means a inverse-lojical which implies change of how ya read it, so ‘Danger’ means ‘In case of Danger!’

They bought it. For a minute.
But the deed was done, and bought enough time to mess with the lock. With a scholar activating the final magic switch, the door was opened by Sir Daily, and stairs lead into the darkness below…



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